TLC Devotional

  • 21 Day Breakthrough Fast – The Edge

    Our “Book of the Month” is Jentezen Franklin’s book “The Fasting Edge” . You will notice many of these fasting blogs will be inspired from this book. Jentezen reminds of us the story of the young prophet losing his ax head in the river from 2 Kings 6. As we work and go through life […]

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  • 21 Day Breakthrough Fast – The Wilderness

    Jesus was led into the wilderness and there He fasted for 40 days. It was the first thing that happened to Him after He was baptized and the voice of the Father endorsed and introduced  Him. The Holy Spirit descended on Him and filled Him, then He went into the wilderness, fasted and was tempted […]

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  • Breakthrough 21 Day Fast

    Abraham Lincoln said “Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 hours sharpening the ax.” A dull ax make far more work and it can be very dangerous too, if it glances off the tree rather than digging in it could go off  target and hurt you […]

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  • 21-Day Fast

    Our annual 21-Day Fast is right around the corner.  You can fast anything from food to Facebook.  This year our theme is BREAKTHROUGH!  Three of our main focuses are going to be physical health, relationships and our fruitfulness.  During our 21-Day Fast Pastor Kelly will be blogging here on our website.  We will be tagging […]

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  • Thrive! Living Large.

    I really believe when we love God passionately, with all our heart and strength, life improves. Many times it is our resistance to God that keeps holding us back. Jesus told us He came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. That sounds like thriving to me. Satan as well as our […]

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  • Volunteer Appreciation

    Had a great night of celebrating the  work of our volunteers. We love our volunteers. Together they racked up 57,639 hours in the last 12 months! We have had 44 salvations, 16 water baptisms and gave over $25,000 to missions and benevolent needs. We had over 111 volunteers, 115 serving opportunities and around 50 ministries […]

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