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Get Jesus


Starting your new journey with Jesus will change your life like nothing else.  Read our book Sink or Swim for real stories from real people just like you who began this same journey.

Get Wet


Getting baptized is an amazing event that we love to celebrate!  If you are interested in this outward expression of your inner commitment to walking like with Christ, let us know.

Get Involved


We are passionate about service!  We know what God has done for us and we want others to experience this too.  Volunteering is just one way we can each help make that happen.

This is what we call the BIG 3

These are easy "Next Steps" in your journey with God.  Beyond the Big 3 we also have The Link, Meet The Pastors, our Ministry Expo and Discipleship tracks that can also help you build relationships, knowledge and depth in your journey.  Connect with a volunteer from any of our campuses for more information on these "Next Steps".